Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wouldn't $90 in Outback Gift Certifictes be great to win?

I sure think so! My mommy or Grandma would bring me back some steak! I am sure my mom, grandma and their friends would love to kick back with the girls at Outback. It looks really tasty too. Chicken with cheese and bacon what dog I mean person wouldn't love the Alice Springs Chicken? The strawberry waffle shortcake looks delish as well but of course I love dessert just as much as my people. If you win this giveaway don't forget to bring your dog home a doggy pack because it looks like Outback gives you good size portions.

Be sure to go here to enter to win and to check out the great review and see how good the food looks
P.S. Make sure not to slobber on the computer dogs because then if you win your owners might not bring you home any!

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