Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mr. Chewy Review: A Great way to shop for pet supplies

I recently got to try out a new pet food and supplies delivery service, Mr. Chewy. Especially in the winter I hate having to carry pet food and supplies in the cart to the checkout to my car into my home, Mr. Chewy solves all this by FedEx bringing me my box of pet supplies. What is also great is that you can have them send you the pet supplies on a regular basis and get a discount which I am considering once I realize how often my pets go through their food.

As you can see everything is in great condition!

I had a $50 gift code Mr. Chewy provided me to be able to review their site. I chose a case of 12 cans of Merrick Grammy's Pot Pie, 2 Merrick Flossies and a Merrick G.I. Bone for my dogs and a variety pack of Tiki Cat canned cat food for my 5 cats to try. They have great prices and a great variety with over 70 brands of pet food (actually think its over 80 brands now) All of the prices from the products I got and get for my pets they are within a $1 or so of being the same price and cheaper for some things. For example Felidae 15lb bag is $27.99 on Mr. Chewy and $33.99 at my local Pet store. The flossies are $1 more at my local Pet Store.

Roxy loves chewing on her Flossie and can't wait for me to get her another from Mr. Chewy

Molly loved her Flossie

Happy and Spunky especially loved the Tiki Cat

What was so great was that if you spend over $49 the shipping is free so I got to spend the whole gift code for goodies for my pets. Even if you spend less then that shipping is only $4.95 which is still a great deal. Also it only took 3 days to receive everything I ordered which was super fast. It was way easier then having to go to my local pet store because often they don't have what I want anyways and no having to waste gas or go out in the cold. Mr. Chewy my 7 pets give you 28 paws up, way to go, I will definitely be ordering again. Another feature is they have great customer service available 24/7 so if you realize your running low on food you can even order in the middle of the night.

Disclosure: I received a $50 gift code to be able to do this review. All opinions are my own, my pets and I loved our experience with Mr. Chewy

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The Teacher's Pets said...

Thank you for this information! I immediately went to Mr. Chewy's website and found that the price for Taste of The Wild was much cheaper than what I'd been paying but I haven't checked out the shipping cost yet. I saved their website on my rolodex (yes, I'm old fashioned) and will be using this service asap!