Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Molly is loving her Eukanuba(week 3)

Molly is eating great and will definately continue eating Eukanuba not only because we still have a good 15lbs left but because she loves it and her teeth are getting whiter all the time. She is shedding a little less and doing quite well. What is also great about Eukanuba Pure is that it has no corn so she eats less which also means she is a lil lighter. Before starting on Eukanuba she was starting to get just a biton the pudgy side but since eating teh Eukanuba has lost a little bit of weight or at least redistrubuted it, maybe got more muscle instead of the fat?

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Henrietta said...

We're trying our Ginger dog on a no-corn dog food as well! It's only been a week but I'm hoping to see a difference in her coat by switching to a better food for her :)