Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Martha Stewart Clothes Giveaway-Hoodie and Windbreaker!

As you all know I love my clothes. You all have probably seen me in my Martha Stewart Christmas/Valentines Day Sweater and it  fits me perfect, so now I found a giveaway for a wind breaker and pink butterfly hoodie by Martha Stewart that  am dying to have. I begged my  mom at Petsmart 1 day to get the pink butterfly hoodie but she told me she didn't have enough money, mom pretty please I mean its pink and girly and would fit me purrfectly why can't I have it? I deserve it, right? I am a sweetheart, I graduated all my training and passed my CGC test with flying colors I think I am entitled to having all the outfits I want, don't you?

After all wouldn't it look soo much cuter on me then her?

I could even carry my own treats and even my own money if you wold ever pay up all that allowance you owe me!

If your dog would like the opportunity to try to win or you love me and want to help me get my paws on this hoodie and windbreaker go here! Just a  reminder in case you don't have a dog or a dog that likes clothes the way I do, I wear  a Large, be a great Birthday gift for me, it is in August!

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♥ Sallie said...

I love pretty clothes!

Thanks! I will check out the link!