Sunday, April 1, 2012

Decadent Doggie Natural Jerky Review

 Roxy and Molly recently got to try some chicken and turkey jerky made in the united states. It is all natural with no preservatives. They loved it. It is hard to find turkey jerky but my girls love it.

What you should know about Decadent Doggies Jerky:
  • It takes 3.3 pounds of chicken or turkey to make 1 pound of dehydrated Jerky.
  • They offer plain and marinated chicken jerky which is organic black strap molasses or a combo so your dogs can try both.
  • Decadent Doggie uses high end restaurant grade chicken and turkey so if you want you can sample the jerky too
  • Decadent Doggie Jerky is 100% handmade. From the cutting of the meats to the packaging and sending.
  • Dehydration of Decadent Doggie  Jerky takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.
  • Decadent Doggie only make 5 pounds of Jerky at a time to insure consistency and quality.
  • Decadent Doggie Jerky is made in Indiana 

Molly finishing her chicken jerky

Roxy wants some more Turkey Jerky
Roxy finishes her last bits of Turkey jerky

 I really wanted to take a video of Roxy doing all the tricks she was doing for the turkey and chicken jerky but I could not get my video camera to work. They ate these treats so fast because they loved t5hem so much it was hard to get pictures of them eating them. I guess I should have told them to leave it(Roxy knows how), but I just didn't think about it. If you have a dog I highly recommend checking out Decadent Doggie. 
Especially if your dogs love chicken and turkey jerky like my dogs do and you want to feed them safe treats that are made in the united states. Also if you have a cat, a tiny dog or need training treats they make chicken bites. My cats and Roxy both loved them.(Roxy wanted some when I was feeding the cats and she did tricks for them, perfect size for training)

Watch out for a Decadent Doggie Giveaway coming soon!

Ready to buy some chicken and turkey jerky for your dogs? If so use the discount code molly for 10% off your order of $20 or more!

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