Friday, September 9, 2011

K9 Kamp: Fitness tips for you and your Dog


Kol's Notes and Peggy's pet Place are hosting K9 Kamp and have over $1000 in prizes to Giveaway!
This weeks challenge is to walk Fido for 60 minutes this week. If you or your dog is ready for a full hour workout then you can do:  
 2 30 minute walks
4 15 minute walks
if your pup is really out of shape you could even do 6 10 minute walks
Roxy is all Muscle and has self control, she seriously knows what the word "FAT" is and she doesn't want to become it. Molly on the other hand begs and begs she loved her food and is a little chow hound. So  since beagles (and othe hounds) are known for becoming over weight I make sure  walk them as often as possible. When it is hot out I have walked them as early as 5 am and as late as Midnight , Crazy? Maybe but its not only good for me and them so we don't gain weight, but they also behav better and sleep better, Roxy doesnt bark as much. When walking in the heat of the day(which I don't reccomend) make sure you bring plenty of water for you and your pups, keep your dogs paws in the grass, seek shade and let your dog rest a few minutes and don't keep them out in the heat too long. Also if they don't mind you can splash a little water on them to help cool them off. If they mind that when you get home get them in the AC and wipe them down with a cold wash cloth . Also you could give your dog a bath before or after a walk in the heat. So join me and all the other great blogs and get walking with your dogs! Make sure to enter the giveaways too, all kinds of prizes upfor grabs!


Ms. Latina said...

Great advise! I have two toy Australian Shepherds puppies. Like your beagles, one is more active (thinner) thn the other, chunkier one. Thankfully when I can't walk them they play together. I think that helps alot.

Kolchak Puggle said...

What a commitment to walking!! I hate the hot days when you have to wait until well after dark to get your walks in. Our Koly is half beagle and super prone to being chubbier that ideal. Hopefully K9 Kamp will leave him looking a little leaner! Thanks for kamping with us!!