Saturday, April 9, 2011

Celebrating birthdays and gettig some goodies for me too!

Today was my moms birthday so guess what I got today? I got a suprise in the mail for my self a brand new toy! I will tell you all about it in a few days it is really cool. Eve my cats like it. I got to go to baskin robbins and share a free strawberry ice cream cone my mom got for her birthday. Then I got to have part of a bacon cheeseburger mom got free for her birthday. Last but not least my mom got a free Sundae from Culvers. To wake me up this morning I had bacon and part of a waffle. It felt like it was my birthday. Remember to tell all your humans to get their free stuff on their birthdays and share with you. Have a fantastic day and make sure to help your humans eat their birthday cake, Roxy


Donna and the Dogs said...

Mmmmmm....Ice Cream and Burgers! Your Mom should celebrate her birthday more often!! (monthly...??)

Katie said...

I get goodies even when it isn't anyones birthday though I did act like it was mine too, everyday is my birthday though, Love,