Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eukanuba 28 Day Challeneg Day 1

Roxy officially starteed the Eukanuba 28 day Challenge today. We recieved a free 30lob bag of Eukanuba Country-Grown Turkey and Multi Grain Formula from dogtime media and Eukanuba today. The UPS man delivered it and Roxy was all excited to try the new food. Sh ehad already ate her regular dinner when the UPS man came with the 30lb bag of Eukanuba Country-Grown Turkey and Multi Grain, but I let her try it and she loved it. She is what I call a picky eater, so I was suprised how well she ate it considering she already ate. She ate it out of her dish and sometimes if she is in a picky mood I have to hand feed her, make her do tricks for it or put her food in a treat ball so I was really impressed. She also only likes small kibble and it wasn't any bigger then her food she has been on so that was a plus for her. It is good for most size dogs. I will be sure to keep you updated on how she does on it and the differences I see in her as she continues to eat it.I checked the ingredients when I first took it out of the box and  one thing I really did like about this food is that the first ingredient is Turkey.


brandi said...

YAY!!!!! GOOO ROXY!!!!! LOVE U <3

DP said...

How cool. I tried to get my shih tzu to eat eukanuba, and she hated it. She's now eating Orijen :-)

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