Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Purina Health and Wellness App: A cool way to keep up o date on your pets needs

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Let me introduce you to the Purina Pet Health App which is for both iPhone and Android operating systems As you all should know I have Roxy, a Beagle Jack Russell Mix and Molly, a Beagle Corgi Mix. I also have 5 cats so this would definitely help me keep track of everything with my pets.  You can keep appointments such as vet and the groomers. As well as record all your pets health information and history to have it at your fingertips. This would b especially useful in an emergency so you didn't have to gather all the records  if your pet had to go to an emergency vet. If you have a phone that you are able to use this app I definitely recommend it.  I know if I get a new sell hone I will be downloading this app. If you are a pet owner please download here.




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As you can see it is a pretty cool app and a must for all pet owners, especially if you have more then 1 or 1 that has lots of health problems that is hard to keep track of.

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