Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walkadog Trainer Review and Giveaway

I have had the opportunity to use the walkadog trainer with Roxy for about the past month. It really helps you to teach your dog not to pull. It would also be great when you are teaching your dog how to heel because it keeps your dog right by your side. The walkadog would be great for your children to use too because you use two hands and it has comfortable padded grips. It would also be great for older people or those that might need some stability. It is great for all size dogs. It seemed to work really good for Roxy. The more I used it the more she didn't even try to pull.   It would be great to use with a puppy or a rescue dog that needs to learn how to heel or leash manners. It gives you two handed control to help you prevent your dog from pulling and jumping. It also has a  lanyard for added safety to keep you and  your dog safe. You can use it with any collar or harness.  Does your dog pull? Did you jut get a new puppy or dog? Would you like to get a walkadog for your dog? Well you are in luck! One reader will win a walkadog for their dog!

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This Giveaway ends May 29, 2011 at midnight.

Disclaimer:  This review is my own thoughts and opinions. I received 1 walkadog trainer to do this review and walkadog  will send the winner of this giveaway 1 walkadog trainer.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Calming Collar Review

Recently Roxy received a calming collar from
Let m tell yo I was very impressed with this calming collar.  have tried other collars that are suppose to have lavender and pheromones and what not that only lasts a 1 month that doesn't really work. The first time I put this calm me down collar from calming  on her she did   her happy dance like when she gets a new outfit or a good treat. She was barking before I put it on her and after I put it on her she was quiet. She now wears it at night when it is windy or rainy out or when ever she needs calmed down. She is so well behaved with her calming collar on and and just lays down and relaxes and doesn't make any noise. Sometimes she growls in bed but hasn't when she has this calming collar on.She has not gone to the pet store since she has had the calming collar but has gone for a walk with it on and saw other dogs including bigger dogs that she usually barks up a storm at but all she did this time with having the calming collar on was 1 little hello bark as I would call it because it was a friendlier bark. It is also very stylish and shows her personality and style. Roxy chose the heart pink hearts fabric because she is a lovebug and loves pink.

They also have anti motion sick collars and cooling collars. They have a bunch of cute fabrics you can choose from to suit your dogs personality. Does your dog need a calming, anti motion sick or cooling collar? If so you can get a 10% discount on your entire order at
Just enter the code ROXY(works lower or uppercase) at checkout were it says discount code and  you will get 10% off your entire order. So order your calming anti motion sickness and cooling collars for all of your dogs today!These collars really work!

Disclaimer: I received 1 calming collar to do this review and was not compensated in any other way. These  opinions and thoughts are strictly my own. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Roxy bedding Giveaway!

Wouldn't you love to win this for your bed? Roxy and I would love to win this!Find out how to enter the giveaway below:

Go to:
to find out all the details and enter to win this beautiful beddng for your bed!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chase-It Review and Giveaway coming soon!

Want a fun and cool way to entertain your dog? Think your dog has all the kinds of toys possible? Until your dog has a chase-it they don't. Roxy recently got a a chase-it and soon I will post a review about it and chase-it has offered to give a chase-it to one of my readers. So watch out for the chase-it review and giveaway. In the meantime you can find out more information on there website :

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a wonderful day for an ice cream!

Today I went to the DQ with my family. Our DQ had the small ice cream cones for only .59 cents so I got my own small vanilla ice cream cone and it was very yummy! Next time I will try to remind them to bring a camera to take pictures of me because I was just too cute eating my ice cream,

Look good? Mine was wonderful!

 Bye for now
Roxy your beagle jack russell girl

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Martha Stewart pink hooded sweater, bowl and chow toy GIVEAWAY!

Please visit:
for a chance to win an adorable pink sweater with butterglies, a bowl and a toy from the Martha Stewart line. Roxy loves Martha Stewart clothes and would love to win this.

This is what you will win!

This giveaway ends April 21,2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain Rain go away!

What is up with this crazy weather? Snow yesterday, rain today. It is April it is suppose to be spring and it feels like winter. I should be wearing my cute spring dresses by now, but I am still having to wear my DGG warmies and sweaters and winter coats. How is the weather were you are at? What are you doing to entertain yourselves inside with tjios nasty weather? I am taking plenty of naps and having plenty of my favorite treats and toys. Bye for now, Love Roxy

Monday, April 11, 2011

What are you doing for spring?

I got a bath yesterday and my nails trimmed today, I don't like getting my nails trimmed but the lady today at the grooming salon at Petsmart was very nice and patient with me. My bath was a breeze. I love baths!  My fur is soo shiny and soft I will make my mom get pics and post them soon. So what do you have to do to be beautiful this spring? Me, Roxy just needed a bath and nails trimmed and now I am on the look out for some new outfits for thsi spring, as I always say a girl can never have too many clothes!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Celebrating birthdays and gettig some goodies for me too!

Today was my moms birthday so guess what I got today? I got a suprise in the mail for my self a brand new toy! I will tell you all about it in a few days it is really cool. Eve my cats like it. I got to go to baskin robbins and share a free strawberry ice cream cone my mom got for her birthday. Then I got to have part of a bacon cheeseburger mom got free for her birthday. Last but not least my mom got a free Sundae from Culvers. To wake me up this morning I had bacon and part of a waffle. It felt like it was my birthday. Remember to tell all your humans to get their free stuff on their birthdays and share with you. Have a fantastic day and make sure to help your humans eat their birthday cake, Roxy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring time is here!

It doesnt feel like it much but it is spring. I did go for a walk today. I also went for a short car ride. What do you plan to do for spring? Go for more walks ? Play outside? Go for car rides? Play with your doggie friends?  Alll of those? Thats what I plan on doing!
           Here I am playing with my jack russel friend, Rocky! Rocky when are we going to play again?

Love, Roxy!