Friday, March 25, 2011

Me, Roxy has some cool Giveaways planned for you!

Stay tuned to my blog because I will be having some Great Giveaways for all of my doggy friends so make sure that you don't miss it and that you enter it when I have them. Also be sure to invite all of your friends so they can enter them too.
Bye for now and I will talk to you later
Roxy your blogging beagle

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eukanuba 28 Day Challenge is almost over

Today is Roxy's 26th day of the Euaknuba 28 Day challenge she is doing great. She is eating her food prettygood still. She has a beatiful soft and shiny coat. She is happy. She has a lot of energy (unless that is just because of the spring weather) Overall she is doing great on the Eukanuba 28 Day challenge.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Buy 1 Get 1 pet treats !

Go here  to get a coupon for canidae tid bits for buy 1 get 1. Myself, Roxy loves the meaty ones and my cats love the chicken ones, Love , Roxy the beagle

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beagle Love!

What I love most about Roxy is that she is cute and sweet and struts her stuff on our walks. What she loves the most about me is that I take her for walks and get her the treats she likes.

Tell me what you love most about your beagle(dog) and/ or what your beagle(dog) loves most about you a chance to win a special prize for your dog.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Win your dogs some all Natural treats!

Enter to win Holistic select dog biscuits at:
These treats are all natural. Me, Roxy would love to win these biscuits. I only eat natural treats and I love biscuits I can not wait to try them. Good luck everyone!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free treat samples!

Does your dog Love treats? I do too! If you go here  you can order your dog a free sample of treats from pet n shape. Me, Roxy absolutely loves pet n shape treats. Thye are all natural. They have chicken ones which are my favorite, duck and lamb. Order your sample now while supplies last and let your dogs try them for themselves. Thet will love you for it!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Get a free Purina One beyond sample

Roxy has not tried Purina One Beyond yet, but the cats have and they really seem to like it and do pretty good on it. For you free sample go here. Or go here and click on the get sample button. The dog food comes in chicken and lamb and the cat food comes in chicken and salmon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WalkieWay Review and Giveaway

I recently got Roxy a small pink walkieWay and it works really good. It is a collar with a leash attached. It has came in handy several times for her. When she has ran down the street to meet another dog I was able to take her home using the walkie way without having to pick her up or trying to drag her by her collar. It comes in handy when she runs out to greet the mailman and I need to get her back in and to prevent her from running out the door. Also it is great for traveling in the car. Roxy loves car rides and now I don't have to worry about forgetting her leash and if I bring the retractable leash I can take it off and still be able to grab a hold of her walkie way if needed. It is also great when she is playing with other dogs, if I need to take her away from another dog or situation all I have to do is grab a hold of her walkieway and take her away. It is also very cute. Oh did I mention it works great to get her out of bed too? She is hard to get out of bed especially in the cold early in the morning so I just grab her walkieway to get her on the edge of her bed and put on her leash and much easier then trying to put on her leash while she i sstill laying down. What is great is that you can attach a regular leash for longer walks. Mostly I use the WalkieWay for emergencies and convenience. It also is great for training, if  you have a training class like Roxy was and need to teach you dog to heel or grab your dog quickly it is great.
  So would your dog like a WalkieWay?

The winners are: post #25 and 27 congradulations chloe and Kelsey I sent you an e-mail to get your information so I can send your walkieway's to you. Thanks everyone for entering and stay tuned for future giveaways

1 WalkieWay collar/leash system $19.95 value must be 18+ and live in the USA Ends March 17, 2011

For you chance to win a WalkieWay :
Mandatory Entry:
Please comment with your dogs weight(only goes up to 55lbs) that you think would benefit from the WalkieWay and why you think your dog needs one and tell me the color your dog would want.(they come in pink, red, blue, and black)
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