Thursday, July 28, 2011

Splish Splash Pet Wash Review

Today I adopted another beagle girl, from the Animal Shelter. She was just irrestible. So she needed a nice bath. So I took her to Splish Splash Pet Wash. At Splish Splash you are able able to give your dog a bath, groom them, and blow dry them, without worrying about the mess. I have taken Roxy to Splish Splash to get a bath several times and the dogs love to get a bath at Splish Splash. So instead of having to bathe your dog outside or making a mess allover your bathroom and dog hair allover your tub I highly reccomend just going to Splish Splash Self Service Pet Wash. Splish Splash also has a large variety of toys, treats, collars, leashes, shampoos, and conditioners so you can reward your dog for being a good girl or boy while you bathe and groom them. Not to mention that they sell Frontline so you can keep your sweetie flea free! Splish Splash has great prices. When I took Roxy for baths it was only $10. Splish Splash has everything you need to give your dog the spa treatment yourself. They supply the shampoo, towels, wash cloth, grooming tools, ear wipes, the tub to bathe them in, grooming table, and blow dryer. Dogs of all sizes love getting a bath at Splish Splash. Most of the times I have went to Splish Splash I just went their and the room was ready to give Roxy a bath. They do also offer grooming if you have a dog that needs a hair cut or just don't have the time to bathe them yourself you can set up an appointment. If you want to take your dog to Splish Splash you can get directions off of their website.

Our new addition, Molly!

Splish Splash my new mom is giving me a bath

Time to dry me off!

This towel is soo soft mommy!

Nice Clean ears!

Brush me, I have longer fur than Roxy!

Now I will be dry

Just a silly little pose I did to show I have a cute personality too!

I am a pretty squeaky clean girl now!

Disclosure: I gave Molly a bath in order to be able to take pictures to do this review, I was not compensated in any way.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Roxy's new Halloween Costume! Costume Super Center Review

As you all know Roxy loves clothes and she goes to the Halloween Parties at the Pet Stores. Last Year she even went trick or treating with me. So when I saw the most unique cutest dog costumes I knew she had to have it for this Halloween. I have never seen any of the dogs at the Halloween Parties wear a Kandy Korn Pet Costume and I also was picturing how terrific it would look on Roxy because she has the brown, white and black tricolor and she looks great in yellow. I also loved the black lace trim, it just gave it the final touch. Also the felt hat stayed on good, especially since she isn't used to wearing hats. The chin strap helped it fit securely. Roxy loved modeling it and looked darling in it. If you are looking for costumes for pets I highly recommend you checking out Costume Super Center's Selection. Roxy wears large in all her other clothes so that is what I got her in this costume and it fit her perfectly. This Kandy Korn costume is very unique, well made, and just too cute. Roxy is very happy with her new costume. I am sure with this new costume from Costume Super Center she will win at one of the Halloween Parties she attends. While all the other dogs are just typical witches, fairy's and pumpkins, Roxy will be the only Kandy Korn, unless someone else that attends the Halloween Party  shops at Costume Super Center to buy their dogs costume. It just looks so beautiful on her and fits so well.

Roxy wearing her new Kandy Korn Costume right after we received it.

See how well the hat fits and stays on her?

I am a little Kandy Korn, Aren't I precious?

I am beautiful as a little Kandy Korn, don't ya think?

OK mom, enough modeling, I am tired!
Disclosure: Roxy received her new costume for free from Costume Super Center so I could evaluate it. All opinions are strictly my own. I wasn't compensated in any other forms.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kyjen Hide a Squirrel Giveaway!

Isn't it adorable?

Wouldn;t you dog love a new toy? The Hide a Squirrel looks like a toy Roxy would love!
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Would you like to get some new books about your furry friends?

I just entered the Freedom Giveaway Blog hop that ends July7th for a chance to win an amazon, Books a Million or Barnes and Noble Giftcard. You can too! Go here to enter now!

Planet Dog Giveaway at New Age Mama!

Do your dogs lik to play? What dog doesn't? Wouldn't your dog love a new toy? Roxy says all dogs love to get new toys! You can buy your dog a new very unique toy here or you could go here and enter to win a very cool toy for your dogs! Good luck! Let me know if you are the winner!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hugs Pet Products Hydro Saucer Giveaway Ends July 8th

Does your dog love to play in the summer? Roxy does and she would love to test her paws at the Hugs Pet Products Hydro Saucer toy that will help yur pet stay cool while playing and can even be frozen! Sounds like a pretty cool toy all dog would love, don't it? Go here to enteryour dog in this Giveaway!